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Our Leadership Team

RiskCom Solutions team of specialists utilise their extensive expertise and experience across industry and business functions within financial and non financial institutions. Instead of learning at your expense, we bring the right experience to you from Day One. We are hands on and get the job done.



Swapan Sawhney

Director - Risk Management 

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United Kingdom

Dean Hogan

Director - Transformation

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United Kingdom

Steve Jarrett

Director - Technology Risk

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United Kingdom

Ian Lyall

Director - Compliance

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Our Industry Experience

We have extensive expertise in the following industry sectors:

  • Banking and Capital Markets

  • Asset Management

  • Pension Funds

  • Private Banking

  • Insurance

  • Internal Audit

  • Enterprise Risk Management

Stock Exchange

Our Value Proposition

RiskCom Solutions is a risk and compliance specialist. 

Financial Advisor

Act with Integrity

We always act in our clients’ best interests. Make the effort to understand what matters to our clients. Deliver the highest quality outcomes.

In a Meeting

Work together

Collaborate and share our ideas and experience. Influence for a better outcome. Share experience with your team.

Discussing the Numbers

Add value

Create impact with our clients and focus on what matters. Innovate with agility in a changing environment. Identify automation opportunities

Financial District
Team Meeting

Our team has the experience and skills to provide hands on support to our clients at each stage either as an overall package or discreet components based on your needs.  In addition, we also have the experience to review plans that have been prepared by our clients to address issues with a view to ensuring their effectiveness and completeness

Our bespoke methodology

We use a Dimension, Solve and Execute methodology to understand  our clients’ needs

Cogs Illustration


We will work with you to identify, understand and quantify your issues 

Missing Piece


Our team will provide innovative and robust solutions and design tracking to measure impact 

3 Gears


 We can assist our clients with implementation and transformation strategies 

We can assist you with each stage of our approach separately or as a package of support.

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