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Business Resilience

Business Resilience

Regulators in many jurisdictions now believe that it is not a case of if, but when a company will be hacked and therefore the focus on resilience to withstand such an event is increasing. 


  • Do you have Cyber/IT Security, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery and Third Party/Cloud Service programmes managed and implemented by separate parts of the organisation?

  • Are key assets (People, IT, Processes, Facilities) enabling critical business services mapped?

  • Are IT controls appropriate to mitigate those threats that can cause your organisation most harm?

  • Do you complete multiple assessments to comply with regulatory, industry standard and client requirements?

  • Do you understand the end to end risk associated with IT assets and external providers supporting critical business services? 

In summary

We can assess the following areas

  • High level review of Cyber/ IT Security, BC/DR and Third Party/Cloud programmes are aligned to ensure resilience of critical business services

  • An enterprise’s ability to absorb an event and continue to deliver critical business services or return to a new normal

  • Strategic programmes to determine resilience through design

  • Effectiveness of risk reduction in key remediation programmes and implementation of evergreen processes

Advise on programme enhancement 

  • Risk and resilience frameworks including target operating models

  • Test once use many processes to reduce touchpoints on IT teams from multiple assessments and client reviews

  • Effective management information

  • Continuous improvement opportunities

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