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 Corporate Governance

 Corporate Governance

The frequency and severity of corporate governance failure has led to stricter regulatory and shareholder scrutiny. Increased expectations of corporate boards and governance functions has exposed weaknesses in existing structures. Our team has direct experience of the requirements of directors and senior managers and can advise on best practices. 


  • Have you reviewed your Senior manager accountability matrix to ensure that there are no gaps?

  • Is your Corporate governance framework comprehensive, meeting current regulatory expectations?

  • Do your Boards follow best practice? 

  • Are you setting the right tone from the top?

  • Do you have adequate supervisory scorecards ?

In summary

  • We can help you by comparing your existing frameworks against best practices or develop them, based on our extensive experience and understanding of regulatory expectations .  

  • We can also assist you by developing reporting standards which assist senior management to fulfil their obligations.

  • We can review your Risk Committees activities and practices and MIS for completeness

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