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Financial Crimes Compliance

Financial Crimes Compliance

Regulators around the world continue to review the relevant programs of financial institutions to ensure that they are meeting increasing standards. Institutions large and small continue to be fined and sanctioned which creates financial and reputational implications and impacts business growth and development. The regulations are ever evolving and even above that, there are enhanced expectations. Firms outside of the regulated sector are also required or expected to have financial crime programs to minimise the risk that they can be used to launder money, but more importantly, are not involved in bribery and corruption or assisting the evasion of sanctions. Compliance executives have the responsibility of ensuring that senior  management are fully briefed on the risks and that there are effective programs in place to address them. This can be challenging given the pace of change and the ‘lessons to be learnt’ from recent cases. 


  • We would use our Financial Crime checklist for all components of the program to assess whether your approach appears to be complete by a combination of responses to questionnaires and one to one discussions with key staff.


  • Determination of the effectiveness of the relevant component of the program by review of MI, other outputs and one to one discussions with key staff.

In summary

  • We can assist you with regulatory remediation requirements with respect to all facets, anti money laundering, KYC, CFT, anti bribery corruption and sanctions

  • Conduct anti money laundering process reviews

  • Advise on know your client best practices 

  • Assess your anti bribery and corruption programme 

  • Review the adequacy of your sanctions controls 

  • Develop Risk Assessment programmes

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